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Five UNESCO World Heritage Sites You Need to Discover in Serbia!

1. Stari Ras

Stari Ras is located near Rasca and Sebecevo rivers. Stari Ras is important for the Serbian because it is the first capital of Serbian independent state. In 1159, Stari Ras accessioned by Nemanjic Dinasty and it was a beginning for the birth of the state.

Stari Ras, Serbia

2. Sopocani

Sopocani have the best paintings of the best artist who unable to work under the Byzantine Empire. The artist seek refugee from the Serbian King. That is why the frescoes in the Sopocani Monastery church which dated from 1270-1276, are the greatest in Byzantine and Serbian Medieval Art.


3. Studenica Monastery

Stevan Maja founder of the medieval Serb State established Studenica Monastery in the late 12th century. This monastery also considered as the richest and largest of Serbia’s orthodox monasteries. The two main monuments are Church of the Virgins and King’s church that have collection from 13th & 14th century of Byzantine paintings.

Studenica Monastery

4. Gamzigrad-Felix Romuliana: Stecci

Stecci is 4,000 medieval tombstones and it spread not only in Serbia but also Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, and Montenegro. The stone tombstones is from 12th to 16th century. Stecci are used for burial of 3 Christian communities such as the orthodox church, Catholic church, and The Church of Bosnia.

Stecci, Serbia

5. Medieval monuments in Kosovo

The medieval monuments in Kosovo that included in UNESCO World Heritage Site are monasteries of Visoki Decani, Our Lady of Ljevis, Gracanica, and Patriarchate of Pec.

*Visoki Decani is located in Decani, Kosovo. The monastery is founded by Serbian King Stefan Decanski in the first half of the 14th century.

Visoki Decaničani

*Our Lady of Ljevis

Our Lady of Ljevis or also called Mother of God is an orthodox church from the 14th century.

Our Lady of Ljevis, Serbiaš


Gracanica is an orthodox monastery that was built by Serbian King, Stefan Milutin in 1321. Gracanica was built on the ruins of 6th century basilica.

Gracanica, Serbiačanica_Monastery

*Patriarchate of Pec

Patriarchal Monastery of Pec is a Serbian orthodox church that was built in 13th century. The function of this monastery in medieval era was a residence for the archbishops and also a mausoleum for the archbishops and patriarch.

Patriarchal Monastery of Pec, Serbiać_(monastery)

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