Funny Thanksgiving Hacks You Should Probably Try Once in Your Life!

Buzzers, it’s thanksgiving again! Have you give thanks to all your family? Well, we know someone probably do not deserve it lol but hey it’s tradition and blood is thicker than water! No matter how your family is, they have given you an opportunity to be in this world, to be you, and enjoy every opportunity that come to your life. Let’s say in short “Not all bad”! So, get ready for this thanksgiving day and follow our thanksgiving hacks below!

1. If you don’t want to look single in a family gathering then Hire this kind of service..

2. How to give the whole family a hint you want a “breast implants” for thanksgiving gift…

3. Practice the art of Thanksgiving humor..

4. Don’t go to a Vegan’s house..probably they will put you in the oven or give you Tofurkey..

5. Wear an old maternity pants or stretch pants on thanksgiving..

6. Set back your scales far away from zero so you won’t get a heart attack after looking at it!

7. Practice your speech to tackle these kinds of family questions

8. To bring the Thanksgiving spirit up, Paint yourself as a Turkey but just wish your family won’t put you on the oven too!

9. If one of your family member shows up with a Christmas sweater…you should kill them! Lol *just kidding

10. Follow these steps to avoid family arguments!!

11. How to do Thanksgiving on a budget…lots of broccoli!!

12. But thanksgiving without a family argument is not a thanksgiving! Cut the pie in the middle to create world war 3!!

13. Have a Noisy aunt? Say this thing to make your Aunt’s lips Shut the whole day…

14. Turkey is a good silicone substitute to get that   Plump b*tt…

15. Are you an introvert and get anxious among people especially your family? Do this trick! Just say “I burnt the turkey, sorry no thanksgiving!”

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