Ghada Al Rabea: Creativity Without Borders

She was born in 1979 and lives in Medina, Saudi Arabia. She was studied Home economics and Fine Arts at Local Taiba University. She is also an active member of Medina Art scene and has exhibited locally. In 2017 she had joined an exhibition in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Ghada Al Rabea is a great example of a saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover”. While many western media and feminist talking about freedom and push abaya and niqab as a woman’s symbol of oppression, this woman shows the opposite. Wearing her black abaya and a niqab that covers her face, She could make life brilliant that will stun every eye who see it.

Unlike any paintings which use watercolor, oil paint, and brush, Ghada Al Rabea uses lots of candy wrappers as a coloring media. Well, who doesn’t like candies anyway? The colorful candy wrappers proof to give its own magic to the paintings. It gives her paintings a brilliant, delightful, and eclectic picturesque yet an instant connection to the viewer since candies are part of our everyday life.

Her artworks itself are the representation of a daily life in Saudi Arabia. Through these paintings, she unveiled to her viewers two things: Her affection for her country, and also a strong woman in her values, modesty along with modernity, unlimited creativity,  and ideas.

Here is a sneak peek of her artworks :

1. Adela Biet Akbar (2017)

2. Arousa Halawa (2017)

3. Sitti Sa’Ada W Sidi Saeed (2017)

4. Bint Al Rijal (2016)

5. Al Sahbajiea (2016)

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