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HOT 10 You Should Know about Custom in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country in the South western Pacific Ocean. The country has 2 main islands North Island, South Island, and 600 smaller islands. New Zealand’s ethnic groups mostly European (74%), Māori (14,5 %), Asian (11,8%) and others. Yes, this is the islands of Disney’s Moana 🙂

1. The cleanest and greenest country with a breathtaking view.

Credit : Instagram @travelnewzealand

2. While you’re in New Zealand don’t do a V as in Victory sign.

Credit : Instagram @rachstewartnz

3. The food should be blessed in Maori. If It hasn’t blessed, do not eat it yet.

Credit : Instagram @cynthiajean56

4.  Don’t wrap your gifts in Red as Red is considered to be a taboo color in NZ.

Credit : Instagram @hanmarie1

5. Always bring your own beer for the barbeque , may also bring your own salad or meat.

Credit : Instagram @ruslanbeerlover

6. It’s rude to have your elbows on the table so Don’t put your elbows there.

Credit : Instagram @Im_ontheroad

7. Keep your hands away from a man’s head, it’s an insult especially for a chief.

Credit : Instagram @journeybylight_photography

8. They love gifts in a form of chocolate, liquor or books about your home country

Credit : Instagram @we.are.jusema

9. In New Zealand, a boat or canoe which carried a corpses will never be used again. It will be painted red.

Credit : Instagram @kararello

10. New Zealanders will call themselves Kiwis so they don’t think Kiwi is an offensive word. They even proud of it as there’s only one country who can be related to Kiwi.


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