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How to Handle Tantrum in 7 Simple Steps!

Hi Buzzers! Kids are not a stranger for a tantrum. In fact, most of us also do it somewhere in our childhood and it’s normal. Parents must understand that the reason kids throwing a tantrum is because they still developing their sense and feels. Sometimes, they don’t know how to ask something since they only have around 50 words and can’t link more than two together. That situation can trigger the feeling of frustration and end up in a tantrum. So, if your kids throwing tantrum so’s what you need to do.

1. Be calm

I know it’s hard to be calm when your kids throw a tantrum in public. You will feel shame and everybody will look at you. But, keep in mind that we all have been there. It’s a normal thing and you are not a bad parent!


2. Distract them

When your kids throw tantrum, you may try to distract them at first by showing them their favorite dolls or toy. But, don’t reward them. If they throw tantrum because they want a new toy or candy in the store, then you should not give it to them as it will trigger the tantrum to come back in some different occasions.

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3. Give your kids a space for a while

If they start to throw tantrum, you may want to leave them for a while. As they throw tantrum to seek for attention so if you don’t give them..they will try to control their emotions and be calmer. After they reduce the loud voice or crying you can talk to them about what has bothered them.


4. Keep them safe

Sometimes the tantrum is followed by action which may hurt themselves or others such as throwing things, hitting tables and etc. When you say things like this don’t yell at them, you must know they did it because there is an enormous burst of feeling in their chest which they’re unable to name it or communicate about it. Instead, you need to come to him and hug him and then tell that you love him. After that, speak to him softly and give an understanding that what he did is unacceptable as it hurts him and hurt others too.

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5. Give an explanation

By giving him an explanation on why he can’t have that new toy or why he should not eat more candies will put him as an accountable person. He will rethink his decision about that new toy or that candies. Telling him the reason also will make him feel respected and he will grow to be a person who has confidence and believes in himself.


6. Understand your kids Needs

A tantrum can happen for any reasons, that’s why very important to understand your kids needs. Some children throw tantrum because they feel too tired after playing all day, the weather is too hot or too cold, or because they are hungry and thirsty. Yes, even in adults sometimes our emotions are up and down when we feel hungry. For adults it’s easy! We can order food but if it’s 5 years’s frustrating for them. So, you can give them food or water, put them in a cold room, or provide a blanket if they feel cold.

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7. Go to Other Place

If you feel you have done everything but his tantrum is still there, you may want to go to other places. Leaving the site where your kids throw tantrum can distract his mind and make him calm. If your kids still have a tantrum, you may want to go to a doctor too and check if they have some illness especially if their body temperature is rising.


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