How To Make Simple yet Creative Healthy Snacks To Help Your Kids' Appetite!!

Buzzers, kids are picky eaters and meals time sometimes can be a disaster for moms out there!! Well, take a deep breath,  put some creativity into your cooking, and watch the magic happens! Here we have curated some simple, tasty, yet healthy snacks with cute shapes that you can try at home Buzzers!!

1. AvoCatoes made by using sliced avocado, filled with creme fraiche with beetroot and horseradish, and cut 2 olives into cat’s ear and feet. The tail made by avocado’s skin.

2. Your kid want to have a Happy meal? Then why not try to hand them one of this! A watermelon and stick mangoes looks delicious too!

3. Banana is a good source of vitamins, and it’s easy to get! But,  if your kid bored to eat same snack over and over again, why not create it as Bananalama with an irresistable white and dark chocolate!

4. If your kid is the one who hate carrots then this trick you need to try! Slices  carrots thinly and roll it then slices few as their fins, don’t forget to put white chocolate as eyes of the goldfish. Putalong other vegetable, your carrot goldfish salad is ready to serve!

5. Too much ice cream is not good for your kids! How to substitute it? Well you can cut a yellow watermelon and put into ice cream stick, garnish a blueberry white chocolate or jam as minion’s jeans. Put white chocolate as their eyes and dark chocolate as hair & mouth. Frozen it.

6. Another healthy snack you can make from a banana is the banana walrus! Cut banana into half, dip in a milk chocolate, you can cut an apple as its flappy cheek and flipper, decorate with white chocolate as their tusks and eyes, and a dot of chocolate as their nose.

7. This cute Totoro’s pear will make your kid eat their fruits with a big smile!

8. Want your kid taste different kind of fruits? Then this cacti kiwi could make them curious! You need to cut kiwis into different shape and put white chocolate sprinkle as the thorns, and round white chocolate as their eyes!

9. Your kids doesn’t like rice? Hum, this Olaf Rice could be their favorite food! Only need seaweed, small cut of carrots as its nose, and white chocolate as its eyes!!

10. Another creativity you can make from rice and if your kid is a fan of Madagaskar movie!! This cutest penguins made by same ingredients as you made Olaf. Btw you can also fill inside the sushii penguins some meats or vegetables!! Happy cooking Buzzers!!

For more healthy snack inspiration please follow Instagram @foodbites! Have a great day, Buzzers momma!!

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