Is Low Heart Rate Dangerous?

Hi Buzzers! Do you know that there is few heart disease which doesn’t give you a heart attack? One of it is low heart rate or bradycardia. Bradycardia is a form of arrythmia or irregular heart beats.

For adults heart beat when resting normally is around 60-100 bpm. Except for athletes. Even though low heart beat also indicate that we are healthy but a heart beat less than 60 bpm could be a sign of bradycardia. When you have bradycardia, your heart have a hard time to distribute oxygen in your blood to your organs.


What are the symptoms?

The symptoms are not realized by many people, since it includes fatigue, dizziness, short of breath, feeling heavy to exercise, in some extent cardiac arrest may occur. In some people also can feel angina or chest pain which may confuse you with heartburn, low or high blood pressure, and heart failure as a complication of bradycardia.


What is the cause?

The causes of bradycardia are low thyroid hormones (hypothyroid), damage causes from previous heart attack, and problem with electrical impulses.


Bradycardia in some people is normal, not dangerous, and doesn’t cause any problem. But, if it affects the quality of your life then it’s better to consult to a doctor. By doing so you can prevent the later complication which may occured such as heart failure.


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