Kawaii Japanese: TOP 10 Facts of Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels Will Melt Your Heart!!

Buzzers, Japanese is a land of kawaii and also the animals in it!! Japan also give these kawaii animals a beautiful homes even islands!! As in bunny rabbit island and cat’s island, where more bunnies and cats than the people who live there. Sounds like a heaven? Well then don’t miss out this famous Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels….the appearance of this squirrel exactly like come out from your favorite manga! Check the top 10 facts of this animal below…

1. You will fall in love by the time you see this squirrel. They are small, super fluffy and has a bigger eyes. Their eyes are big so they can see better in the dark because they are nocturnal animals.

2. They live in the wild for 4 to 5 years. But if they kept as pet their life span could be longer until around 10 years.

3. As many other flying squirrels, they actually don’t fly but they can glide up to 100 meters.

4. They don’t hibernate in winter but they are slowing down their activities.

5. They will keep around 15,000 nuts during winter too…wow!!

6. Maybe you think squirrels only eat nuts. Well, you are wrong. Flying squirrels eats meats too, they are omnivore.

7. Flying squirrels don’t make the hole in the tree alone. They usually live in a hole that is made by Woodpecker ..such a sweet bird…

8. This cute fluffy squirrels also have predators in the wild. The predators are coyotes, foxes, cats, dogs, raccoons, and snakes.

9. They also have a cute habit to hang upside down while eating and quite lazy to move.

10. If you go to Japan, you can find this squirrels on the Honshu and Kyushu islands.

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