Meet Diesel : Top 10 Facts Instagram Supermodel With Fabulous Blonde Hair!!

Hi Buzzers! Have you meet this Instagram supermodel @diesel_minnie ? He is a Yorkshire dog that have the most fabulous blonde hair..yes…even more fabulous than my ex lol. You will be amazed by how this dog posing in every photos; he is cool, fancy, photogenic, and he is everything you wish for! Get ready to be envy on his top 10 photos and facts below!!

1. Diesel meet his dog mom, Maria Lopez in 2015. At that time his mom had gone through a devastating breakup with her boyfriend of 8 years. Diesel is a helper during those time and also a good companion.

2. He loves to have fun as much as her mom loves it too! They like to get pampered together going to a spa, buy latest fashion and…perfumes!!

3. He loves to travel and live his life to the fullest!

4. Style should be on point even though only going for work out!

5. Diesel also have his own collection and boutique! You can check it at @dieselminniecollection

6. How he wakes up in the morning will melt your heart!

7. Diesel’s tips never forget your sunglasses!

8. Monday is never be a problem for Diesel!

9. Diesel in love with carrots !

10. Diesel is extremely happy now!! He just got married with the love of his life, Mochi, in California…all the best for this newlyweds!

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