Most Amazing Places You Need To Visit in Silk Route Countries!! – Part 1

Hi Buzzers, lots of things we can learn from history. One of it is how ancient people do trading which give the country a wealthy economy. The famous historical trade route from 2nd century BC until 14th century AD is the silk route! Silk route got its name because of the heavy silk trade in that time. It also facilitate the trading of spices, garments, fruits, and also vegetables from china, India, Arabia, Italy, and Greece. The list below are countries that connected by the silk route and if you ever travels there, you should visit most remarkable places below!

1. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is located in the center of Eurasian continent and it give them advantages to play a key role in the silk route. The city of Samarkand even known as “The Heart of The Silk Road” and also called as “The Pearl of Great Worth”, “Eden of the East”, and “Rome of the East”.

You should visit :

* Registan the heart of ancient city of Samarkand in Uzbekistan.

* Shah-i-Zinda. This beautiful mausoleum has a meaning “Tomb of the Living King”.

* Ark in Bukhara is the oldest structure in bukhara from 5th century.

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