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Most fascinating customs around the world

1. Switzerland — Honesty shopping

Little shops that allow you to buy your fresh cheese, milk, bread, honey, and butter without anyone there to watch you indulge in the delicious dairy products of the area. In fact, most of the day, no one watches these shops because they are owned by farmers who are out taking care of the animals, so all you do is leave your money behind in a little basket. And what’s amazing is that this form of consumer trust results in incredible customer loyalty and honesty among the communities.


2. Hanging out in cemeteries in Denmark

 Danish habit of taking a nice walk in cemeteries and spend enjoyable time there is common. Many people might prefer to hang out in parks, but the Danes find it becoming to convert their cemeteries into areas for socializing, a rather pragmatic use of space we might add.


3. Slurping in Japan

 Japanese created a special exemption for noodles.  In Japan, making slurping sounds while eating has an entirely different meaning. Making slurping sounds when eating noodles in Japan is a way of indicating that you’re really enjoying them.

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4. Henna Weddings And The Blackening

Mehndi, or “henna,” is a tradition in some countries especially Islamic and part of India.  usually, two nights before the wedding or night before the Eid the girls are surrounded by women from her side of the family, her hands, arms, and feet. 


5. Mudras

Mudras are unique to Hinduism and Buddhist cultures, There are about 500 different meanings can be expressed by the way a person moves their hands and fingers. These movements are believed to allow the individual to control of the flow of prana, or life energy, and focus their attention toward a certain goal. 

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