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Mount Fuji : 15 Facts You Might Not Know !

1. Mount. Fuji is an active volcano and Japan’s Highest Mountain. The volcano recently erupted in 1707.

Mount Fuji , Japan

2. The lava on Mt. Fuji acts an a natural filter for snow and rain falling on the mountain side which produce Fuji Mineral water.

Fuji San japan

3. Mount Fuji is considered as one of 3 sacred mountains because of the religious practice it had for centuries.

Chureito pagoda, japan

4. Mount Fuji is an inspiration for many poets and artists.Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji series of ukiyoe (woodblock prints) produced by famous Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai (1760–1849) inspired Vincent Van Gogh in his work.

Mount Fuji

5. On 22th of June 2013, Mount Fuji is added in the World’s Heritage List as a cultural site by UNESCO.

Mount fuji

6. Mount Fuji become a main attraction and inspiration for artists after 1600 where  Edo or now we know it as Tokyo become an actual capital. People saw this mountain while traveling to the Tōkaidō road.

Mount fuji

7. The Japanese believed that the summit of mount Fuji is sacred and it was forbidden for women until Meiji Era, late 1860s.

Mount Fuji

8. The first non Japanese woman to climb this mountain is wife of British Ambassador sir. Harry Sparkes in 1869.

Mount fuji

9. There’s a memorial for the airplane crash down from the Gotemba New Fifth Station. This memorial is dedicated for all 113 passengers and 11 crews who died after the airplane, BOAC Flight 911 crashed mount Fuji on March 5th, 1966.

Lake kawaguchiko, Japan

10. There’s a famous Japanese saying that said a wise person will climb mount. Fuji for once in his life but only a fool will climb it twice.

Mount Fuji

11. Mount Fuji is surrounded by five lakes : Lake Kawaguchi, Yamanaka, Sai, Motosu, and Shōji. You should see the view from there…it is a breathtaking one.

Mount Fuji, Japan

12. The shore of the lakes are colored by seasonal flowers such as moss pink, tulip, and lavender.

Mount Fuji, Tokyo. Japan.

13. Fuji is a symbol to unify Japan, it is proved by the images of this mountain was used to bring together and mobilize the populace.

Mount Fuji. Tokyo, Japan.

14. During World War II, the Japanese make a propaganda using the image of Mount Fuji to rise Nationalism.

Mount Fuji, Tokyo. Japan.

15. Also during World War II, the image of Mount Fuji imprinted in leaflets and dropped in Japanese station overseas to induce the feeling of homesickness. A strategy to make them surrender.

Mount Fuji. Tokyo, Japan.

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