Pool Disaster and Poop in Pools is more common than you may think

Attention swimmers: More than half of the public pools tested in a new study contained bacterial evidence that someone may have pooped in the pool. Faecal matter isn’t the only body residue that can cause trouble in a pool. Urine and sweat contain nitrogen, which combines with free chlorine in the water to form compounds called di- and tri-chloramines that irritate the eyes and respiratory tract, the study says.

Natural disasters can cause a lot of damage to your home and property – especially if you have a pool. After natural disasters, it’s common for pools overflow, pool equipment to lose power and to ruin supplies. If you’re a pool owner and have been affected by a natural disaster, follow these four steps to help restore your pool back to normal.

Here are some of the swimmer’s reactions after the pool disaster.

  • Women caught shaving her legs on poolside.

  • Reaction after the Poo guard spotted lady doing a poo in the pool

  • Race to escape from a Poo


  • Wawooo, Have fun Buddies


  • Miami  Beach Launches a Pool Party


  • Space Exploration of the Apollo-1


  • The Craziest driver drove car in the Pool

  • Celebrity struggle to  diving splash

  • Test drive in Pool


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