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Popular Global Cuisine, Food Dishes from Around The World-Part 4


Goi Cuon, Vietnam

Goi cuon is made from pork, shrimp, herbs and spices, rice vermicelli and other ingredients wrapped in rice paper and served with a warm temperature. The pleasure of the meat combined with spices will taste soft and delicious in your mouth. Yummyy!


Neapolitan Pizza, Italia

Neapolitan pizza, or pizza Napoletana, is a type of pizza that originated in Naples, Italy. In 1984 Antonio Pace and Lello Surace reunited the most important and famous pizzamaker of the time to write down the fundamental rules in order to recognize and differentiate the True Neapolitan Pizza from the other type of pizza, giving it the maximum dignity. Since then, the International Regulation has been the heart of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, which protect the tradition of this old recipe and , defending its uniqueness and peculiarity. That’s wh this Pizza different from others pizza so the food is to be included in the list of the most delicious food in the world.


Shrimp Dumpling, Hongkong

Menu Chinese food one is obliged to really try when you’re visiting Hong Kong especially if it is not shrimp dumping which is made from rice flour chewy stuffing with shrimp in it.


Chili Crab, Singapore

Chilli Crab is listed at number 35 on the 50 most delicious foods in the World according to CNN Go in 2011. Basically, chilli crab is a seafood dish in which stir-fried crab is coated with sweet, savoury and spicy tomato-based sauce.

Kebab, Turkey

For most people, thinking about Turkish cuisine generally conjures up in the mind countless images of delicious meaty kebabs. But for the most part, these imaginings are limited to the standard döner kebab and shish kebab that the western worlds are accustomed to. But in fact, the types of kebab available in Turkey are countless and offer far tastier varieties. Kebabs in addition to having been delicious, these foods contain various nutrition that is good for health. Delicious food is more famous and has spread throughout all corners of the world.


Peking Duck, Beijing

Peking duck is a dish from Beijing, with a history of more than 400 years. In its classic form, the dish calls for a specific breed of duck, the Imperial Peking, that is force-fed and housed in a small cage so that inactivity will ensure tender meat.


Ramen, Japan

Ramen is a noodle soup dish that was originally imported from China and has become one of the most popular dishes in Japan in recent decades. Ramen are typically categorized according to their soup base, although variations that combine the different bases are not uncommon.


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