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Popular Global Cuisine, Food Dishes from around the World- Part 8

1. BarbagiuanMonaco

This appetiser is mainly found in the principality of Monaco and the eastern part of the French Riviera, as well as some areas of northern Italy. A blend of Mediterranean flavours, inspired and influenced by French cuisine.

There are two elements to Barbagiuan, the pastry and the filling. The two main ingredients that make up a traditional Barbagiuan are Swiss chard and ricotta, but there are various fillings – rice, onion, parmesan cheese that you’ll find included, too. Despite its original recipe, many Monegasques will have had the recipe passed on down to them, so each family batch of Barbagiuan will have its own unique touch. Being Monaco’s national dish, Barbagiuan is most notably eaten on the Principality’s national day, on November 19th.


2. Seng Cheong Crab Porridge (城昌饭店), Macau

The crab meat used is usually derived from the freshwater crabs. Has the texture of porridge and also crab meat is very soft and will surely make you feel the delicious sensations out of the ordinary.

3. Rosto, Gibraltar

Gibraltarian cuisine is mainly influenced by the long relationship between the Andalusia Spaniards and the British who lived in this territory for centuries. There’s a significant influence of many foreigners who made Gibraltar their home over the past three centuries as well. This foreign culinary impact on the Gibraltarian cuisine includes regions such as Malta, Genoa and Portugal. This variety of tastes has given Gibraltar an eclectic mix of Mediterranean and British cuisine. Rosto is the popular local pasta dish of Italian origin. It consists of penne in a tomato sauce with beef or occasionally pork, mushrooms and carrots among other vegetables, which depends on family tradition. Finally, it is all topped with grated “queso bola“. The origin of its name probably comes from the English word “Roast”.

4. Sumagiyya (a stew of beef or lamb), Gaza 

When we think of the Gaza Strip, our minds probably turn to conflict, isolation and an insurgence of refugees, rather than food. But this small Palestinian territory, bound by the Mediterranean Sea, Israel and Egypt, has a cuisine that will rival some of the world’s hottest culinary meccas. Sumagiyya is the traditional dish that you must try it with Ingredients stew of beef or lamb, onion, olive oil, rosemary, cinnamon sticks, and all berries.


5. Cannoli, Vatican Vatican

Vatican cuisine, being the foods of a tiny (less than one square mile) area in the midst of Italy, naturally has pretty much the exact same components as Italian cuisine. And yet, within this small country, there are some special dishes that are favourites of the leaders of the world’s largest religion. One of the popular cuisines is Cannoli. Cannoli is a dessert dish. They are small pastry tubes filled with a sweet, creamy cheese filling. The cream inside the pastry tube can come in different flavours like chocolate. After the dessert is made, it is usually sprinkled over with powdered sugar. Extra toppings can be added.

6. Pastizzi, MaltaBefore McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC came around in Malta in the 1990s, fast food for the Maltese meant walking down to the nearest Pastizzeria to grab some super tasty (but also amazingly greasy) savoury snacks, that form the cornerstone of street food in Malta. The most popular snack is pastizzi – fluffy pastry formed in specific shapes and stuffed with either ricotta cheese or a paste of peas (piżelli in Maltese).

7. Bermuda Rum Cake, Bermuda

Over the years, rum cakes in Bermuda have become extremely popular with both locals and tourists. They are usually prepared with fine Black Seal Rum. Most rum cakes are dark in colour although you will get ones that are lighter in colour as well. The recipe is usually kept as the secret by the owners and bakers, but usually have appropriate proportions of flour, eggs, salt, milk, dark rum, sugar, baking powder, fruit juices, and sometimes even butter to get the glaze.

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