Reasons on Why The Raccoon Climbs The UBS Building That You Need to Know!

Today a raccoon steal a heart of people while it decided to Climb a skyscraper, UBS building in St. Paul in Minnesota. It really struggled to find out whether it should come down or just climbs more to the roof.

Raccoon climbing UBS building

Well, it decided to climbs up and then down the buildings but finally decided to go up. Luckily, the cute little fur got its way to the roof, but then why it did all that? Definitely not for a fame even though it becomes an internet sensation now!

Raccoon climbs Skyscraper

The raccoon is well known as an excellent climber. They love to climb trees to get on your roof and there is only two reason why they did all that. I mean come on who’s in the right mind want to climb a 23rd buildings?? Well, the answer is not for food or try to steal your food either since lots of food will be in the trash bin attached to the ground LoL.

Raccoon climbs UBS skyscraper

The raccoon probably does that because it  is a female. Female raccoons love to be higher than the ground. They love height since they feel they can protect their babies better by building a nest there. If it was a male probably he tries to avoid a danger in the ground.

Raccoon climbs UBS building

Well, this is just an analysis, the real reason is for the raccoon to answer…since everyone are spirited for this raccoon..why not gives the raccoon a name? What will you name it? Give me your comment below.

Raccoon climbs UBS building


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