Walking Corpses ; Scariest in History Manene Rituals


Buzzers, It’s spooky October again!! We decided to give you a bit of thought about scariest rituals in history which still exist until now. Let’s go to the beautiful tropical island in Toraja, Sulawesi in Indonesia. This island is not only have beautiful beach or mountains but also the amazing rituals called Manene.

Manene is a rituals to dig up the corpses from their hill grave called Patane. The people will take out the corpses and dust them off. The family members also bring their favorite clothes and many other accessories to be worn by the corpses. Some family members even bring cigarettes and light it up so the corpses can taste it. This ritual only happens once in every three years before the harvest season.

Buzzers, you may not believe but the local people said that many years ago the corpses can walk by itself from their grave. The shaman will put a spell to the corpses so they can walk. This is because at those times there is not much vehicles, and it is hard to go to the grave where their relatives buried. It is because their grave is up on the hill or mountains. Nowadays, this scary rituals is quite rare but some families still practice it. We have curated best pictures of this rituals that you can witness it, buzzers!!


#1. The Grave Where the corpses kept…


#2. Trying to take it out


#3. One of the corpses is out, she used her old clothes.


#4. There are babies too.


#5. And the elderly with full clothing and accessories.


#6. They take off the clothes and prepare the new clothes.


#7. The people dust him off.


#8. Carefully dust him off…


#9. Some corpses waiting their turn with a cigarette in their hand.

#10. Some even smoke…

#11. The woman waits in their sleep..

#12. Some just awake from their grave

#13. The corpses’ age is vary some just from three years, others is from thousand years ago.


#14. Put on his favorite fancy shirt..


#15. Dry them up in the sun

#16. Gathering the deceased…


#17. The loving one..

#18. Their hands still in a good condition

#19. Groups of family…

#20. Their hair still grows..


#21. Eternal Love

#22. Love till death do us apart..


#23. A blessed marriage

#24. Preppy clothes..

#25. Dazzling beauty

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