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Summer Solstice : Where to Visit from Countries around the World?

Summer solstice happens when planets rotational axis or geographical pole on either Northern or Southern Hemisphere. It’s also called by midsummer where you can enjoy the longest day of the year! In Northern hemisphere the summer solstice will be in June around June 20 & 22. Luckily if you can’t celebrate the summer solstice in Northern hemisphere you can go to Southern hemisphere in between December 20 and 23. Here’s 5 country with summer solstice celebration..

1. Summer Solstice, England

Stonehenge host the largest summer solstice in the world. So if you are in England and visit Stonehenge you could see that the rays of the Sun rise over this megalithic monuments. It’s magical despite the flood of people there. Usually the youngsters will go to Galstonbury Festival and go party. The day also part of pagans and druids ritual where it’s celebrating the union of the male and female deities, The Sun and Earth on this longest day of the year.

Summer Solstice

2. Juhannus, Finland

The summer solstice in Finland called by Juhannus. In this country northern hemisphere the sun can rise for 24 hours. It’s also called Ukon Juhla or Ukon celebration after the Finish God of Ukko. The traditions include midsummer music festival, bonfires, cookouts, sauna, and spending time in country village or summer cottage.

Summer Solstice

3. Kupala Night, Russia

Kupala night celebrate the shortest night and longest day of the year which means it occurs in Summer Solstice. The celebration is part of the Slavic religious beliefs from ancient Kupala rites. On this day, the young people will jump into the bonfire to prove their bravery and faith. While, girls float wreath of flowers and lit a candle. The man will capture the wreath if he’s interested with the woman who float it. Many relationship blooms from this traditions.

4. Jani, Latvia

The summer solstice celebration is called Jani in Latvia. Celebration included pagans elements such as burning the bonfires, singing Latvian folk songs dedicated to Jani, and jumping of bonfire. Jani is a strong aspect in Latvian culture throughout history, it’s a part of ancient fertility cult. In the Western town of Kuldiga, people will mark the holiday by running naked at 3 am in the morning. Runners will be rewarded with beers.

Summer Solstice

5. Gilaki Bal Nowrooz

It’s an ancient festivals that is held in North Iran. Bal Nowrooz meaning the fire of Nowrooz. Iranians in North region will light a fire and thank God for the harvest. Praying for the souls of the dead also part of the tradition. In the first day of Nowrooz the newlyweds will be given white horse to ride up in the mountain foot, a yellow cow then will set free as a sign of happiness and abundance of newlyweds couple.

Summer Solstice

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