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    7 Amazing Origins of Country Names

    Ever wonder how Countries get its name? Where the name “America” comes from and why it is used as a country name..Well Buzzers, you can find out below! Enjoy! 1. Venezuela Venezuela gets its name because the Spanish expeditions saw the houses built over water and thought it looks like Venice. 2. The Solomon island The Solomon island gets its name because of the Spanish […] More

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    6 Forgotten Cities in Africa Now a UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    1. Chartage Chartage was a city ruin in Tunisia. It was founded by Queen Dido she bought the amount of land and built Chartage empire. The empire then becomes a threat to the Roman empire. The Romans declared wars with Carthage and called as the Punic Wars. This ancient city was declined and destroyed by the Romans in the third Punic Wars in 146 BC. […] More

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    17 Wonderful Photos You Must See of Little Blue City in Tunisia

    Sidi bou said is the city painted with colors  resembles the magnificent of deep blue sea. It is located in Northern Tunisia, about 20 km from the capital city, Tunis. The town itself painted with blue and white colors made this town known as one of the Blue cities in the world. The street is full of steps and narrow road. That’s why it is […] More

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    8 Facts of Cleopatra "The Unforgettable Queen of Egypt”

    Besides the fact that many people were captivated by her presence. Cleopatra was the most intelligent and the most courageous woman in her time. She ruled Egypt in the most passionate way… even though she’s not an Egyptian herself. Well, here is the 8 Facts of Cleopatra you probably missed out. 1. She was a descendant of a Ptolemaic ruler who was a Macedonian Greek. […] More

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    Adel El Siwi : The Living Breath of The Paintings Itself

    Adel El Siwi was born in Behera, Egypt. He lives and works in Cairo. In 1970’s he developed his paintings through independent study at the Faculty of Fine Arts. He had emigrated to Europe and North America but drawn by Egypt’s legacy in Art  made him to go back to Cairo in 1990 after he stayed in Milan. Growing up in Egypt, Adel El Siwi […] More

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    6 Surfers who get attacked by sharks

    1. Bethany Hamilton She is an American professional surfer. She got bitten by a shark when she practiced for her competition. She lost her left arm but that didn’t stop her to become a winner. 2. Benjamin Linden He was a 24 years old surfer. That day he went surfing at the bay called Dolphins in North of Perth. Suddenly a great white shark came […] More

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    5 TOP World Mountains that will activate Your "Wanderlust vi

    1. Kilimanjaro mountain Kilimanjaro mountain has three cones Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira which 750,000,000 years old.  This Mountain located in Tanzania, East Africa with 5,895 meters above sea level. The name “Kilimanjaro” itself has a meaning as “The roof of Africa”. Despite the richness of animals habitats such as Colobus monkeys and a white-necked raven that you could find here, the mountain also well known […] More