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    TOP 10 Technology That Will Change Our Life in 2019!

    Buzzers, technology has become a primary thing for us. In 2019, tech will give more breakthrough with the rise of 5G, folded phone, AI, Streaming, and more! The fast development in Tech will make  our life more and more easier each day. So buzzers, let’s check out the top 10 tech that will change our life in 2019! #1. Faster Connection, the world welcoming 5 […] More

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    5 Coolest Robots to Educate Your Kids in Technology !!

    1. Zoob Bot Zoob Bot is designed for children age 6 years old. This robot kit is an honor winner in NAPPA children’s competition. It’s a beginner kit so easy to build and play. The fun in play this robotic model is you can transform it into any shapes that you like. It also occupies with motorized wheels and light up eyes. Credit: Photo by […] More