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    5 Backstory Behind Popular Toys You Might Not Know

    1. Porcelain Dolls (Bisque Dolls) The bisque doll was a matte porcelain doll. This doll became famous in Europe after the porcelain glazed doll from China. The first manufacture was in France and Germany in 1860s. The first bisque doll designed as a fashion doll and collected by the royalty. One of the royals who collected this doll was Queen Anne, Queen of Great Britain. […] More

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    5 Backstory Behind Greatest Paintings!

    1. The Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso The old guitarist is a painting of a young skeleton man with an old guitar, sitting on the floor and bending his shoulder helplessly like a beggar. His eyes closed and for the first time you encounter with this image, you could see the burden in his life, his heart is screaming about the endless misery throughout his […] More

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    5 Backstory behind World’s Statues you probably haven’t

    1. Georgia’s two moving statues in Georgia, USA This statue has been an eye candy for the Georgian and travellers. A unique concept of two giant statues which will “meet” and become “one” every day at 7 pm. The sunset during that time gives the chill feelings for the audience, moreover if you know the story behind this statue. Apparently, the sculptor, Tamara Kvesitadze,  was […] More