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    What is Going on in Short People's Daily Life?

    Hi Buzzers!! Are you tall or Short? If you are tall, you make me envy!! I am quite short and struggling in my daily activities! But not all bad, sometimes all the struggle can make me giggle too. These 8 comics by Instagram artist, Three Under The Rain, will give you a peep about what is going on in short people’s daily life… 1. When […] More

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    7 Ways People Having Fun in Walmart!

    Hi Buzzers!! You don’t need a fancy place to go traveling! Sometimes a You just need to be creative as these people in Walmart! Walmart has many fun things to offer..just use your imagination!! 1. Bring Your Own “Living Cart”! 2. Jurassic Park Walmart Version! 3. Flatter Your Recent Boob Job! 4. Get Yourself Free from Responsibilities! 5. Give Out a Hidden Message to Visitors […] More

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    10 Drawings Depicting Summer Heatwave for Dogs!!

    Hi Buzzers! How’s your heatwave doing? Did you have fun with your dogs? Well, dogs also have their own agenda on heatwave in summer! Here is 10 drawings on how dogs enjoy the hottest days of the month. 1. When the sunlight comes, your dog prefer to enjoy the Sun exclusively! 2. The breeze in Summer is such a satisfaction.. 3. Heatwave for dogs means […] More

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    5 Weirdest Inventions You Should Have Now!

    Hi Buzzers! What is the weirdest invention you have seen in your life? At first, probably we will raise our eyebrow and laugh about it but later maybe we start to enjoy it. So, Buzzers here is the weirdest invention you might want to have or do in your life! 1.  Grass Flip Flops Do you want to bring grass wherever you go? Then grass […] More

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    7 Dogs Which are The Best Employees of the Month!

    1. Are you willing to get arrested by this officer? 2. When Shiba Inu is your Banker..Will he approve your loan? 3. I think my boss is happy with the revenue 4. Will you confess all your sins to him? 5. The kind of employees who will be there in times of need 6. The most honest accountant you will ever had 7. I do […] More

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    5 Greatest Travel Destinations You Can Find in Denmark

    1. The Cisterns The cisterns is a cave within a city which located under Frederiksberg hill in S√łndermarken Park. The stalagtites and stalagmites blend beautifully in concrete structures. Forbes listed this cave as one of the most unusual places in Europe in February 2009. 2. Giants in Ishoj In Ishoj there are impressive art pieces made by a sculptor Thomas Dambo. He made six wooden […] More

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    10 Optical Illusions that Makes You Need to Look Twice !!


    1. How many people in this picture? 2. You really need to slow down if you don’t want to bump into something. Well, actually you won’t bump into anything since this is painted 3 D Zebra cross in Iceland. 3. Can you count her fingers? 4. There’s no limit for fantasy as there’s no limit in happiness 5. Need to try this for our Summer vacation […] More