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    Read These 10 Funny Comic That Will Leave You With A Big Grin!!

    Buzzers, if you are a fan of funny comics then you need to see and follow this artist Instagram account @war.and.peas . The comic art is mainly about a daily life of a witch that is scary, funny, and weird but you will love it!! Here is the top 10 you need to see! Enjoy Buzzers!! #1. When you have one word as a last […] More

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    The Recommended Books that You Should Read in the Last Months of the Year 2018.

    Buzzers, we are at the end of months in 2018. We need something to give us powerfully for through the last months in this year. Looking back, maybe some experience changing moments maybe just start small thing. Things just on a list that you set in your mind. And many things came from books that you read to be more successful. Reading can open up […] More

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    5 Amazing Books that Will Make Your Children Love Maths!!

    1. The Multiplication Tables Coloring Book This book will combine the things that they love with the thing they haven’t loved yet. Yes! Coloring and Maths! With coloring the children can have fun while the parents teach the children about their time tables. If you have children age 6 then this is their  first math book! 2. Maths On The Go Maths on the go […] More

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    5 Inspiring Books to Read this Summer with Your Teens !!

    Buzzers, in this world where technology grows rapidly and everything gets too practical, we sometimes forget to hang out with our kids and teach them on how to be kind and how to love. Most of us lose the time of our life doing something not worth that much, kids need their parents figure. Play an active part of your Kids’ life and educate them […] More

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    5 Most Modern Library in East Asia

    1. Starfield library, South Korea Starfield COEX’s Mall is located at a mall in ¬†Seoul, South Korea. Well, that’s kinda unusual since we usually have a library that calm, quiet and have that “old” atmosphere. But, here with an open space and access, this library is far away from “old” trademark yet it shows modernity and suits the millennials generation. It was built on 2,800 […] More