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    5 World Smallest Animals!

    1. Columbia Basin Pigmy Rabbits They are the smallest rabbit in the world! Their weights are less than a pound. Even though were declared extinct, pigmy rabbits are found in Washington state. Now Oregon zoo tried make them safe by bringing 73 pigmy rabbits to the zoo. 2. Serama Serama Bantam is the world’s smallest […] More

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    8 Weirdest Animals Live on Earth !!

    1. Proboscis Monkey (Bekantan), When everybody goes for a Nose Job but you has it naturally and Flaunt it. Credit: 2. Dong Tao Chicken, When your dedication in every leg days pays off. Credit: Dong Tao chicken, 3. Elephant Shark, When you’re tired of people mistaken you with somebody else. Credit: Elephant shark, […] More