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    These TOP 30 Bad Example Of Parenting Fails Will Shock You!!


    Buzzers, we all know being a parent is never easy! Some people said parenting is a natural instinct that everyone can do, but the truth is always bitter, Buzzers. To be a good parent you need to study and read a lot of book! Parenting will be the most challenging time in your life, but later on when you look back it’s all worth it. […] More

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    These Little Monsters "Caught in The Act" With The Most Adorable Reaction Ever!

    Buzzers, kids are adorable little monsters! If you have kids and suddenly they don’t make a noise then congratulation! Because they might be busy destroying things around the house and make the house look messy. Well, Even though it could be tiring but their smile always can entertain us!! So, these are 20 kids who get caught red handed in the crime scene! #1. When […] More

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    5 Amazing Books that Will Make Your Children Love Maths!!

    1. The Multiplication Tables Coloring Book This book will combine the things that they love with the thing they haven’t loved yet. Yes! Coloring and Maths! With coloring the children can have fun while the parents teach the children about their time tables. If you have children age 6 then this is their  first math book! 2. Maths On The Go Maths on the go […] More

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    5 Logical Reasons on Why Your Kids Turn Into Bullies !!

    Hi Buzzers! Bullying is actually the oldest problem in our social system. Many studies were held to understand this barbaric behavior plus its solutions. But, rather than ended bullying seems to get more popular after the invention of internet and smartphones. The two are the best combination to do Cyberbullying. The shocking truth is the kids on the internet sometimes don’t realize their comments or […] More

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    5 Inspiring Books to Read this Summer with Your Teens !!

    Buzzers, in this world where technology grows rapidly and everything gets too practical, we sometimes forget to hang out with our kids and teach them on how to be kind and how to love. Most of us lose the time of our life doing something not worth that much, kids need their parents figure. Play an active part of your Kids’ life and educate them […] More

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    4 Learning Disabilities on Children that You Should Know

    Learning disability is a neurologically-based processing problem which can interfere the learning skill of children in school years. Sometimes learning disability symptoms goes unnoticed and many parents think light about it…that it just a matter of time rather than find out what’s going on with their children. It will create problems for the children in the future. So Buzzers, through this article let’s find out […] More