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    TOP 10 Cats Which are Overly Dramatic Just Like You !

    Hi Buzzers!! If you are a Cat Lovers, you must be know that they are such a drama Queen!! From a non-stop meowing to bizarre acting, they never failed to make you frowned with a silent tears. Well, not all bad sometimes their bizarre actions will make you laugh too!! So here’s top 10 overly […] More

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    5 Animals Who Will Be The Next Great Football Players!

    Hi Buzzers! Apparently the Worldcup fever also reach animal kingdom. Since 2018 Miaoocup will be held soon, all football stars are practicing their moves..Here is some secret footage of their training! Note: You can watch their Video footage by clicking “source” … enjoy!! 1. The Secret Midfielder, The Turkey This Turkey definitely have lots of […] More

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    10 Drawings As A Guide To Understand Cats!

    Hi Buzzers, Are you planning to have a Cat? Well, if you want to add this alien fury baby in the family…here is some guide which will make you understand a life with those Aliens!! 1. When your cat happens to be near the window, It means they guard you against something. 2. The way […] More

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    TOP 5 Cat Breeds that Can Play Fetch!

    Hi Buzzers !! Are you a cat person or a dog person ? Well, why not be both! These cats breed are acting just like dogs, they have full energy to play, loyal, and loving to the owner. A good companion for you, Buzzers, who already have a dog because they will match. 1. American […] More

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    8 Weirdest Animals Live on Earth !!

    1. Proboscis Monkey (Bekantan), When everybody goes for a Nose Job but you has it naturally and Flaunt it. Credit: 2. Dong Tao Chicken, When your dedication in every leg days pays off. Credit: Dong Tao chicken, 3. Elephant Shark, When you’re tired of people mistaken you with somebody else. Credit: Elephant shark, […] More

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    TOP 10 Cats Who Dress Better than You

    1. This cat who is ready to go to her social club…Mamma Mia Credit : Instagram @hummusthecat 2. This cat who looks like a K-POP star Credit : Instagram @zappa_the_cat 3. This white cat who never take for the less.. Credit : Instagram 4. Cocktail party at 8 am ? Why Not ?? Credit […] More