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    TOP 10 Worst Ugliest Cosplay That Leave You in Horror!!

    Buzzers, not all cosplayer demanding a perfection for their character! Some are just having fun with cosplaying by creating a funny twist of their favorite character!! These people below probably win our worst ugliest cosplay nomination but they also win our hearts! They show that cosplaying is all about fun and also humor…whatever you want to do just do it #Yolo!! 1. Chun Li from […] More

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    TOP 10 Coolest Old Cosplayers Who Live Their Life To The Fullest!

    Hi Buzzers! Do you ever wonder how to live your life when you get old? Or maybe you start to be more serious and think negatively about life? Well, it’s all only in your mind Buzzers!! These Top 10 people below prove that you still can live your life out of the ordinary and boundaries! Just be yourself and never afraid to do something extraordinary […] More

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    Top 12 Weirdest Sexy Cosplay That Ruin Our Childhood

    Buzzers, have you ever gone to Comicon and then realize some cosplayers just break all the rules? Even today, it becomes a trend to do crossplay. Crossplayer is a person who dress as an opposite gender in a cosplay. The result is sexy with a hilarious and quirky touch…just like the ones below! 1. Voldemort 2. Sexy Gandalf 3. Sexy “The Mask” 4. Sexy Spongebob […] More

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    TOP 15 Hilarious Anime Memes That Is Close To Our Reality!!

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    Hi Buzzers! What is your favorite anime? Mine is Dragon Ball and Hunter X Hunter! Anime has a lot of fans because of its unique character! For the haters, please know that anime is NOT ONLY for Kids!! Buzzers, If anime has become a part of your life then you will find these anime memes are relatable and hilarious! Check this one out! 1. When […] More