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    TOP 10 Cats Which are Overly Dramatic Just Like You !

    Hi Buzzers!! If you are a Cat Lovers, you must be know that they are such a drama Queen!! From a non-stop meowing to bizarre acting, they never failed to make you frowned with a silent tears. Well, not all bad sometimes their bizarre actions will make you laugh too!! So here’s top 10 overly […] More

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    10 Drawings As A Guide To Understand Cats!

    Hi Buzzers, Are you planning to have a Cat? Well, if you want to add this alien fury baby in the family…here is some guide which will make you understand a life with those Aliens!! 1. When your cat happens to be near the window, It means they guard you against something. 2. The way […] More

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    TOP 5 Cat Breeds that Can Play Fetch!

    Hi Buzzers !! Are you a cat person or a dog person ? Well, why not be both! These cats breed are acting just like dogs, they have full energy to play, loyal, and loving to the owner. A good companion for you, Buzzers, who already have a dog because they will match. 1. American […] More