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    These Pictures Prove Everything in Life is Better With Dogs!

    Hi Buzzers, do you have pets at home?  Are you a Cat lover or Dog lovers? Well, to be honest Doggo is more like our best friend and not a cat. This is why everytime we come home, a dog will always ready to cheer us and wag their tails. So, Buzzers if you are not a dog person yet, maybe these top 15 pictures […] More

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    10 Drawings Depicting Summer Heatwave for Dogs!!

    Hi Buzzers! How’s your heatwave doing? Did you have fun with your dogs? Well, dogs also have their own agenda on heatwave in summer! Here is 10 drawings on how dogs enjoy the hottest days of the month. 1. When the sunlight comes, your dog prefer to enjoy the Sun exclusively! 2. The breeze in Summer is such a satisfaction.. 3. Heatwave for dogs means […] More

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    10 Life Lessons from Your Dog to Make You Happier !!

    1. Enjoy smallest things in Life, sometimes things you don’t notice worth more than anything Credit : Instagram @fotkai_zverei 2. Don’t think too much about what they said about you, you are special just like a Unicorn Credit : Instagram @hokiepets 3. Admit your mistake, Learn from it and never give up.. Credit : Instagram @cony.goldenretriever 4. Always put a smile on your face even […] More