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    These Illustration Artist Draws The Important Meaning of Love In Beautiful Anime Style!

    Buzzers, Love and relationship between a guy and a woman are always be a mystery since millions of years ago. The difference characteristic between them even described as Mars and Venus. Well, but in the name of love these totally different character try to complement each other and therefore two become one. Of course not all romance, Love is much more complicated than just a […] More

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    These Hyper Realistic Paintings captured Elegance Perfectly And It Will Blow Your Mind!

    Buzzers, We would like to give a shout out to Sergey Piskunov! He is an artist from Kiev, Ukraine. His skill in hyper realistic paintings are extremely beyond words. He paints beautifully with intricate details only a camera can capture. If you see his artworks below, you must be thinking that they were photographed. Below is actually his paintings which takes about 1 month  or […] More

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    These Magical Tattooes Only Potterheads Will Understand (25 Photos)

    Buzzers, do you still remember the story of an orphan who destined to be a young wizard? Yup!! It’s Harry Potter!! This fantasy novel chronicle has captured the heart of the people. Everytime a new book published, it always be a best seller. No wonders if Harry Potter has loyal fans around the world and those fans sacrifice some part on their skin to show […] More

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    8 Illustrations Describe a Perfect Single Life !

    Buzzers, are you single? Well, don’t worry it’s not the end of the world, in fact sometimes we just love it! When our friends busy scheduling weekend dates, we can just lay back and relax! Not wasting time in queuing to see that movie or to go to that hair saloon. But of course sometimes we wonder where our soul mate is and this artist […] More

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    10 Drawings Depicting Summer Heatwave for Dogs!!

    Hi Buzzers! How’s your heatwave doing? Did you have fun with your dogs? Well, dogs also have their own agenda on heatwave in summer! Here is 10 drawings on how dogs enjoy the hottest days of the month. 1. When the sunlight comes, your dog prefer to enjoy the Sun exclusively! 2. The breeze in Summer is such a satisfaction.. 3. Heatwave for dogs means […] More

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    10 Drawings As A Guide To Understand Cats!

    Hi Buzzers, Are you planning to have a Cat? Well, if you want to add this alien fury baby in the family…here is some guide which will make you understand a life with those Aliens!! 1. When your cat happens to be near the window, It means they guard you against something. 2. The way your cats sleep can tell a lot about their personality! […] More