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    10 Most Insane Ways To Be Arrested in The World!

    Hi buzzers if you would like to know how it feels behind the bar in Europe then these 10 ways could help you! A bit Insane yess!! But if you plan to go to jail for the first time then do it with Style by breaking one of these bizarre rules!! 1. Don’t let chickens […] More

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    10 Wondrous Facts You Might Not Know About Croatia

    1. There is a beach that can change shape in Croatia called Zlatni Rat beach. The shape of the beach change when very strong wind blows. 2. The island of Vis is a shooting place for Hollywood Film “Mamma Mia2”. 3. The tallest building in Croatia is Zagreb Cathedral at 108 meters high. 4. The […] More

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    10 Astonishing Facts You Will Find in Belgium

    1. Belgium have the largest sand sculpture festivals. 2. The character inspiration of Peter Pan, George Llewelyn Davies was buried in Belgium. 3. Pralines chocolates were invented by Jean Neuhaus in Brussels in 1912. 4. The first skyscraper in Europe is De Boerentoren (Farmer’s Tower). It located in Antwerp and built in 1912. 5. Europe’s […] More

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    5 Greatest Travel Destinations You Can Find in Denmark

    1. The Cisterns The cisterns is a cave within a city which located under Frederiksberg hill in Søndermarken Park. The stalagtites and stalagmites blend beautifully in concrete structures. Forbes listed this cave as one of the most unusual places in Europe in February 2009. 2. Giants in Ishoj In Ishoj there are impressive art pieces […] More

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    5 Magical Underwater Ruins You Should Not Miss Out !!

    Hello Buzzers, have you ever wondered why there is a city underwater? The ancient civilization drowned because of many factors such as natural disaster and man-made. Even though emerged in the water, the ruins still has its own magic and stand firm in the water. As if they want to be found after a long […] More

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    TOP 10 People Rockin’ on Their Red Nose Day


    1. This dramatic pirate in the middle of the second row. Yes we all have that one friend… 2. This cute gang … Wait where did the flamingo come from? It looks like mine?! 3. These Hottest Clown goes to these two buddies who match everything…in red. 4. Even people from another galaxy know how […] More

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    5 Most Awesome Footpaths that Connect Countries

    1. Sultans Trail Sultan Trail was named after Suleyman Kanuni of the Ottoman Empire. He used the trail on his way to conquer Belgrade and most of Hungary and capture the city of Vienna, Austria in 1529. Because of that, the trails connect many countries from Turkey, Greece, East Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, […] More

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    10 FUN Facts about Finland You Might Want to Know

    Do you know which country that was under Swedish rule for 600 years ? Was inhabited when the last ice age ended around 9000 B.C ? A home of our Santa Claus and Rudolph ? And has land borders in the east with Russia? .. if you guess it’s Finland then you guess right !! […] More

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