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    TOP 15 Hilarious Street Wear You Should Never Ever Wear!!

    Buzzers, fashion now has become a statement to show to the world about who we are. Even so, some people either have an eccentric personality or they are just totally weird?  I meet some of them when I walk around the street. They call it a fashionable street wear….but I call it ” A bizarre yet confusing style”.  So Buzzers, here is top 15 hilarious […] More

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    TOP 12 Comfy Style Of Jennifer Lawrence Shows She Ain't No Different From That Girl Next

    Buzzers, if you watched the hunger games you must be falling in love with Katniss Everdeen. Jennifer Lawrence plays her character beautifully as her innocence face with a strong character make this film even more unique. But, who knows in real life Jennifer Lawrence is as cool as Katniss. She is brave and never afraid to show her quirky side along with her comfy street […] More