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    5 Amazing and Shocking Truth of Matrilineal Tribes Around the World

    1. The Minangs The Minangs is a tribe in Sumatra, Indonesia. They are considered as the largest matrilineal society in the world. Even though most of them are Moslem which should follow patrilineal lineage but some locals still practice their matrilineal lineage as a culture. The custom called adat perpatih set properties like house and land inherited through female lineage. The custom is believed as […] More

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    15 Funny Illustration in being A Woman !!

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    Lucky us as a Woman !!! Our world is so colorful from new makeup, hairdos, girl’s talk and the small private yet silly things which we can share with our close ones. No boring Life, be a woman is about to embrace all opportunities ahead !! These illustrations made by ari_stocrate depicts perfectly how diverse the woman’s life are. Enjoy Buzzers and let me know […] More

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    5 Amazing Female Athletes who Strive For the Best

    1. Alana Nichols Alana Nicholls is a Paralympic athlete who won Paralympic sports competition for three times. She paralyzed from the waist down because of a snowboarding accident in 2000. Her disability didn’t stop her to strive for the best in her performance and her skills. This incredible woman proved it by being gold medals winner in both basketball and Alpine skiing. Now she’s adding […] More