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    10 Unforgettable Moments After France Won The 2018 World Cup !!

    Hi Buzzers!! Last night match still felt like a dream! France played so smooth and beat Croatia with 4-2 !! Spectacular! Too bad now World Cup is over and we should move on but here is 10 unforgettable photos to keep the sweet memories of the match in our hearts…Enjoy Buzzers! 1. Antoine Grizzman and Paul Pogba seems hasn’t believed the France team already won […] More

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    7 Most Beautiful Rooftop Bar in Paris to Capture Eiffel Tower at Night!!

    Hi Buzzers, have any weekend plan or just plan your trips to Paris? You aware that there is a regulation to not capture Eiffel tower at night right? Well, here is a tip; enjoy your magical Eiffel tower from these rooftop bars! A night out wouldn’t have feel better than this! 1. L’Oiseau Blanc L’oiseau Blanc or also translated as the White bird is a […] More

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    10 Dazzle Facts about France that Traveler Need to Know!

    1. France has banned free refill in the fast food restaurants since 2015 in order to combat obesity. 2. Pussy is a name of a small town in the Savoie region. 3. The shortest town name is Y in Somme, Northern France, it also the shortest in the world. 4. After 213 years more precisely is in 2013 French women are allowed to wear trousers […] More

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    5 Best Spots in France to Have Tranquility in Nature!!!

    Hi Buzzers! So are you in France now or planning to go to France? Then you must know that France is not only Paris and its City or Eiffel Tower! Paris has lots of things to offer and if you already feel bored strolling around the citu, why not finding your Zen and tranquility in Nature? Here is 5 best Spots in France where you […] More