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    Buzzers, Valentines day is only 4 days apart!! Have you get someone to celebrate it with you? For all the single ladies and gentlemen, you might think this is the worst time of your life!!! Only on this day, You will be forced to see people bringing flowers, gift, and making out in front of you…Yucks?! But well at least you still have your smart […] More

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    Top 15 Funny Golf Memes That You Should Share At The Golf Course!!

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    Buzzers, golf is a sport which players hit one single small ball into series of holes. In the old times, golf is only for “gentlemen only and women forbidden”…don’t know if it’s correlated with balls and hole or something else lol. The first Woman who first played this game is Mary Queen of Scotts and finally around 20th century this sport is not exclusive for […] More

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    These TOP 15 Funny Memes Make Your Parents Stop Asking You About Marriage & Kids!!

    Buzzers, we all know nothing more joyful to the parents than see their children getting married, building a family, and giving them grandkids. Well, but sometimes life is not that simple. Many ups and downs such as broke up, got lied to, betrayed or waited for the wrong guy which make us kind of sceptical about marriage. Even though, if you think positively life will […] More