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    Buzzers, Valentines day is only 4 days apart!! Have you get someone to celebrate it with you? For all the single ladies and gentlemen, you might think this is the worst time of your life!!! Only on this day, You will be forced to see people bringing flowers, gift, and making out in front of you…Yucks?! But well at least you still have your smart […] More

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    TOP 20 Funny Pictures Prove Why Women Always Right And Live Longer Than Men!

    Buzzers! There will always be a debate between men and women. Both gender feel they are the most superior than the others. Little did they know that they are made to complete each other even though in some cases men can act “ridiculous”. Therefore it’s resulted in making women live longer than men! We curated top 20 funny pictures of men doing their business and […] More

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    Gotta Catch Them All Laugh With These Top 12 Funny Pokemon Memes!!


    Buzzers, who still love to play Pokemon Go? Yes, me too! Pokemon is a fantastic anime. It is booming in the United States since first broadcast in September 8, 1998. The success of this anime series bring Pokemon in many forms including Games, and movies! All the Pokemon lovers cannot wait the premiere of “Pokemon! Detective Pikachu” in May 2019! Well, until the movie is […] More

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    These TOP 15 Funny Memes Make Your Parents Stop Asking You About Marriage & Kids!!

    Buzzers, we all know nothing more joyful to the parents than see their children getting married, building a family, and giving them grandkids. Well, but sometimes life is not that simple. Many ups and downs such as broke up, got lied to, betrayed or waited for the wrong guy which make us kind of sceptical about marriage. Even though, if you think positively life will […] More

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    TOP 10 Funny Gif Of Rhianna And Taylor Swift That You Should Save For Later Use!!

    Buzzers, We all know Rhianna or Bad girl Riri and Taylor Swift are great singers with a unique personality. Well, but their love life doesn’t seem to go hand in hand with their career success. But, they finally can prove to us and be an inspiration that no man no cry!! They stand up even more famous, prettier, and sexier!! Here is their top 10 […] More

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    TOP 10 Funny Gif To Celebrate The Release of Game of Thrones Season 8 !!

    Buzzers, Games of thrones has attracted many viewers on HBO! This epic fantasy series by George R.R Martins also 47 Primetime Emmy Awards! GOT fans must be familiar with the cast name such as Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister and more!! Because the love for Game of Thrones are huge, here is top 10 funny gifs memes for all the GOT fans!! Laugh it […] More

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    TOP 20 Funniest #10yearschallenge Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile!


    Buzzers, do you involve in #10years challenge? Well, mostly people put their old and newest photos but some people want to criticize more deeply. It’s true that in 10 years many things have changed such as beauty trend, music, or even your relationship status? I think the last one bit hard since once you go single you will never want to go mingle lol. So […] More

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    These TOP 10 Star Wars Humour in Funny Gif Will Bring The Laugh With You!

    Buzzers, Star Wars an epic space story created by George Lucas has become a wide pop culture phenomenon! Star wars fans will never bored watching this movie sequel trilogy, reading its books, or collecting star wars figurines!! This make this movie as the most successful film merchandising franchise! In this new age of funny memes and humor, Bazbuzz created for you the funniest star wars […] More

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    These TOP 20 Funny Images Are British Humour At Its Finest You'll Ever Find On Net!!

    Buzzers, not many people will understand British humour. Even so lots of people also become a fans of British humour since it carries the absurdity of our everyday life! It can feel like a whole new language in which foreigners may find it weird or dry but hey a humour is a humour!! You don’t need to understand it, you only need to laugh with […] More

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    TOP 15 Funniest Walking Dead Memes You Need To Laugh It Out Loud!

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    Buzzers, walking dead has come back with season 9. The walking dead fans will be greeted with newest villains, Alpha. Alpha who in charge of the zombie skin wearing group will make the whole movie more thrilling to watch!! But meanwhile, here is top 15 funniest walking dead memes from previous episode to refresh your mind and make you laugh out loud before the new […] More

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    TOP 11 Funny GIFS That Only College Girls Will Understand

    Buzzers, Life in college has started again after New Years holiday. Even though it can be hard sometimes to balance between your social life and studying, always keep in mind that everything will be paid off later on. To have a college degree is one of the privilege that not all people can have. College also full of colors, we start to be more mature […] More

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    TOP 10 Funny GIFS Shows Back To Work After New Years Holiday Is Hilarious !!

    Buzzers, Some of you probably already in front of your computer and do the task that pile up from last year! Well, even though we often heard “New Years, New Me!”, ” New Years, New Spirit”…Let’s be honest that back to work after new years party is suck sometimes. If you feel it that way, maybe it’s time to evaluate balance between your work and […] More

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