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    TOP 15 Bizarre yet Funny Things You Will See At Hartjesdagen Zeedijk Festival !!


    Buzzers, have ever go to Hartjesdagen Zeedijk festival in Amsterdam? If you haven’t gone there, your first visit would be full of bizarre yet funny things!! This festival is celebrated on third Monday of August and known as Day of Hearts! Previously it is a festival where children collected money and fires were kindled but now it becomes a cross-dressing festival. Like any other crossdressing […] More

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    TOP 20 Funny Pictures Prove Why Women Always Right And Live Longer Than Men!

    Buzzers! There will always be a debate between men and women. Both gender feel they are the most superior than the others. Little did they know that they are made to complete each other even though in some cases men can act “ridiculous”. Therefore it’s resulted in making women live longer than men! We curated top 20 funny pictures of men doing their business and […] More

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    TOP 20 Funny Pictures That Will Crack You Up When You See It

    Buzzers, Sometimes if we look closer to our surrounding, we will find some surprising notes! Surely it will make us smile and laugh it out loud because the notes are usually full of absurdity. From suck b*tt to throat game while some other hidden in other people weird and stupid actions!! Here is the top 20 funny pictures that captured the funny moments around us […] More

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    Throwback Top 20 Funniest Photos of Legging Fails That Might Not Be A Trend In 2019!

    Buzzers,  apparently not everyone knows the concept of  pants. Not everything you can wear to cover your legs are pants! I think some people agree that Yoga pants and Leggings are not pants! Please wear it responsibly because just by wearing a Yoga pants or a leggings you actually not look as sexy or fit as you might think. You more likely have a wardrobe […] More

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    These TOP 20 Funny T-Shirt Fails Will Make You Laugh!

    Buzzers, we love wearing T-shirt! It’s comfy and casual suitable for everyday wear but these people take their T-shirt into a whole new level! They try to make a point with their T-shirt design and it’s absurd yet funny! So Buzzers, Do you have T-shirt like these below?  #1. After single for a long time this could be your last effort to get a girl… […] More