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    These 20+ Worst Halloween Costume Will Make You Cringe!!

    Buzzers only four days until Halloween, have you prepared your Halloween costume? Well, please make sure you do it right. Scary with a touch of sexy is okay but don’t be too dirty just like these people below. These people wear a quirky yet unique costumes which will make you cringe!! 1. When your father wish to wear one of these at least… 2. What […] More

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    Top 10 Most Famous Deformity Shows Nature Sometimes Can Be A Dick

    Buzzers, Fruits and Veggies can have deformity too. We can find out there fruits and veggies that are in unusual shapes. The shapes could be scary, but most of the time it was so hilarious until it became an internet sensation. Well, Probably that’s the way nature plays with our mind. So Buzzers, here is top 10 most famous fruits and veggies with deformity that […] More

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    Worst Stupidest 25 Images Shows Crazy People Party Hard!!

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    Buzzers, we heard a saying “work hard party hard!”. But when is a party become too hard or even too inappropriate to do even in a Night Club?!! Well of course when you can’t walk straight, talk trash, or even do things just like these people below!! Always make sure you are still sober after party if you don’t want your face all around internet…it […] More

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    These TOP 40 Cracky Motorbike Pictures Will Make You Lose Your Mind!!


    Buzzers, we all know why some people choose motorbike than a car! Even though motorbike can’t give the comfortable feeling as what a car offered but motorbike is more than a vehicle! Motorbike is a freedom, a rebellion, and a way of life!! But, some people take it too far just like these top 40 pics below!! 1. When safety is not your concern… 2. […] More

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    These TOP 21 Bizarre Pictures Shows Airport Is In The Other Dimension!!

    Buzzers, public places like an airport sometimes bring their own “universe” because weird, bizarre, and funny things love to happen there! If you look closer you will find you are with the aliens or yourself is the “alien” lol. So, are you ready to see the bizarre airport fail? Just check this article below and if you ever have an airport fail too just give […] More

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    There are two types of girls on Halloween, which one are you most afraid of?

    Buzzers!! Are you counting days till Halloween? Don’t worry that scary nights (or not too scary nights) will be here soon! Meanwhile, if you ever noticed girls on Halloween, they are like a splash of colors..the way they are dressed and put make up surely takes 100 % of efforts!! But, I conclude that there is two types of girls on Halloween, which one are […] More

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    Creative or Ugly? Top 10 People Hairstyles Strangely Look Like Something Else Than A Hair

    Buzzers, unique and trendy hairstyles are on demand! Millennials try to have something different than other people, this behaviour get them a bit too excited about self-expression and innovation. But, when it is too much?? Hmm…probably when people look at your hair and remember about something else! Just like these top 10 people whose hair resemblance something else than a hair!! Take a look below […] More

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    Can You Guess What They Say To The Barber? Top 10 People With The Ugliest Haircut Everr

    Hi Buzzers, what do you expect when you get a new hair cut? Of course you wish that you could be more and more good-looking right! But, not with these 10 people, I don’t know what they say to their barber but it’s the ugliest haircut eveer. While the ugliest haircut perks, heyy now they are on our blog and get famous!! So, take a […] More

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    Top 10 Most Hilarious Sleepy Kids

    1. I wonder if she thought she is on camping or she found out that the stairs amazingly comfortable..which I really doubt it… 2. When you think sleeping on the chair is too you make some innovation instead. 3. I wonder how he manage to do this… 4. I think I have found the next Mr. Fantastic… 5. When you found comfort in between […] More