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    Top 20 Worst Things Flight Attendants Found On Airplane!!

    Buzzers, how was your long New Years holiday?  If you spent it in a deserted island or new towns, well good for you! Don’t forget that  every great story should ended! Now it’s time to face reality and back to work! If you hop on that plane, please be kind to the flights attendants since you have no idea what they were going through! If […] More

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    These Pictures Prove Everything in Life is Better With Dogs!

    Hi Buzzers, do you have pets at home?  Are you a Cat lover or Dog lovers? Well, to be honest Doggo is more like our best friend and not a cat. This is why everytime we come home, a dog will always ready to cheer us and wag their tails. So, Buzzers if you are not a dog person yet, maybe these top 15 pictures […] More