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    These TOP 25 Hilarious, Weirdest, yet Dirty Photos Will Ruin Your Mind!!

    Buzzers, taking a selfie or group photos now seems to be a lifestyle. We are too busy clicking until we get the best images. But, sometimes our best images can be interpret differently especially in the internet!! So Buzzers  here is top 25 photos which will ruin your mind and give you the best laugh!! 1. Is his pants has a hole or that just […] More

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    These Top 10 Hilarious Cheerleading Moments Will Crack You Up!

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    Buzzers, we all love cheerleaders!! They are energetic, flexible, and cute!! We know they tried so hard to get a perfection but even sometimes perfection can go wrong!! Here is Top 10 Hilarious cheerleading moments that will crack you up!! #1. This is called falling with style! #2. Better not to practice with your father… #3. She must had a really bad breakfast.. #4. When […] More

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    There are two types of girls on Halloween, which one are you most afraid of?

    Buzzers!! Are you counting days till Halloween? Don’t worry that scary nights (or not too scary nights) will be here soon! Meanwhile, if you ever noticed girls on Halloween, they are like a splash of colors..the way they are dressed and put make up surely takes 100 % of efforts!! But, I conclude that there is two types of girls on Halloween, which one are […] More

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    5 Amazing and Shocking Truth of Matrilineal Tribes Around the World

    1. The Minangs The Minangs is a tribe in Sumatra, Indonesia. They are considered as the largest matrilineal society in the world. Even though most of them are Moslem which should follow patrilineal lineage but some locals still practice their matrilineal lineage as a culture. The custom called adat perpatih set properties like house and land inherited through female lineage. The custom is believed as […] More

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    15 Funny Illustration in being A Woman !!


    Lucky us as a Woman !!! Our world is so colorful from new makeup, hairdos, girl’s talk and the small private yet silly things which we can share with our close ones. No boring Life, be a woman is about to embrace all opportunities ahead !! These illustrations made by ari_stocrate depicts perfectly how diverse the woman’s life are. Enjoy Buzzers and let me know […] More