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    TOP 15 Beautiful Images From Dia De Los Muertos 2018 !

    Buzzers, have you ever heard Dias de Los Muertos or the Day of the Dead? This is a holiday and tradition of the Mexican people that celebrated on 31 October until 2 November every year.  During the celebration, family and friends gather together some with scary make up. They gather to remember the deceased family or friend, pray for them, and support their spiritual journey. […] More

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    These 20+ Worst Halloween Costume Will Make You Cringe!!

    Buzzers only four days until Halloween, have you prepared your Halloween costume? Well, please make sure you do it right. Scary with a touch of sexy is okay but don’t be too dirty just like these people below. These people wear a quirky yet unique costumes which will make you cringe!! 1. When your father wish to wear one of these at least… 2. What […] More

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    Walking Corpses ; Scariest in History Manene Rituals

      Buzzers, It’s spooky October again!! We decided to give you a bit of thought about scariest rituals in history which still exist until now. Let’s go to the beautiful tropical island in Toraja, Sulawesi in Indonesia. This island is not only have beautiful beach or mountains but also the amazing rituals called Manene. Manene is a rituals to dig up the corpses from their […] More

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    TOP 25 Most Spooky Halloween Decorations Spotted in USA!!

    Buzzers, are you the ones who go dark when it’s all about Halloween? Will you give 100% effort to make this October Halloween unforgettable? Just like our favorite country, America, which make Halloween day as a big day!! You won’t ever get bored in strolling around every inches in the cities! New York has the best citizen in decorating their houses with spooky stuff, but […] More

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    These TOP 25 Nastiest Food Will Make You Run For Your Life!!

    Buzzers, We all love foods!!There is even a saying to steal a Man’s heart, all you need is to serve a good food! This makes lots of girls trying so hard to impress their men by cooking a great food (according to them!!).But, what if this Lovey dovey foods didn’t turn out as expected??Will you still eat it?Or you just run away and safe your […] More

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    Look For A Halloween Costume for Your Dog? These Top 10 Dogs Could Inspire You!


    Buzzers, Halloween will come soon! Have you ever prepared a Halloween costume for your dogs? If you haven’t, these top 10 dogs could be your inspiration!! They bring the spooky, fun and cool vibes on Halloween day! Let’s check this out! #1. A Zombie Husky. Will you run if you see him? #2. Two cute little casper… #3. This is how you should paint your […] More

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    There are two types of girls on Halloween, which one are you most afraid of?

    Buzzers!! Are you counting days till Halloween? Don’t worry that scary nights (or not too scary nights) will be here soon! Meanwhile, if you ever noticed girls on Halloween, they are like a splash of colors..the way they are dressed and put make up surely takes 100 % of efforts!! But, I conclude that there is two types of girls on Halloween, which one are […] More

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    7 Dogs Which are The Best Employees of the Month!

    1. Are you willing to get arrested by this officer? 2. When Shiba Inu is your Banker..Will he approve your loan? 3. I think my boss is happy with the revenue 4. Will you confess all your sins to him? 5. The kind of employees who will be there in times of need 6. The most honest accountant you will ever had 7. I do […] More