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    These 7 Habbits Are Dangerous To Your Health !

    1. Too Much Sleeping Who doesn’t love to sleep? Well a study conducted by University of California and the American Cancer Society said too much sleeping might kill you. The study found people who sleep eight hours 12% more likely to die within the six years period. The causes can be many but it is believed that unhealthy lifestyle such as too much sleep increase […] More

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    5 Health Factors Caused By Breast Implants that Women Should Know!

    Hi Buzzers! We all love a perfect image of ourselves and we are willing to go the extra mile to have it. From hitting the gyms every day and take any supplements, but what if our effort still not satisfy us? Well, women especially choose a cosmetic surgery to shape their body including their breasts. But, not all women are aware of the health risk […] More