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    5 Amazing and Shocking Truth of Matrilineal Tribes Around the World

    1. The Minangs The Minangs is a tribe in Sumatra, Indonesia. They are considered as the largest matrilineal society in the world. Even though most of them are Moslem which should follow patrilineal lineage but some locals still practice their matrilineal lineage as a culture. The custom called adat perpatih set properties like house and […] More

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    5 Supervolcanoes in the World !!

    The large volcano that has an eruption of magnitude 8  and volume of the deposits can reach more than 1,000 cubic kilometers, is called by Supervolcano. Our mother earth has experienced lots of massive volcanic eruptions which can affect civilizations, population, even climate change. If the wide areas covered with lava and volcanic ash, it […] More

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    5 Beautiful Golf Resort in Indonesia for your Getaway

    1. Bintan Lagoon Resort Bintan Lagoon Resort is perfect for you who wants one-stop entertainment. This resort has a private beach as their backyard, in their front yard is a magnificent golf course. They have “stay and golf package ” where you can stay and play golf for £153 (2D1N) or £ 204 (3D2N)/ person […] More

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    5 TOP World Mountains that will activate Your "Wanderlust vi

    1. Kilimanjaro mountain Kilimanjaro mountain has three cones Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira which 750,000,000 years old.  This Mountain located in Tanzania, East Africa with 5,895 meters above sea level. The name “Kilimanjaro” itself has a meaning as “The roof of Africa”. Despite the richness of animals habitats such as Colobus monkeys and a white-necked raven […] More

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    Bajo Tribe : A Story of Great Divers

    Your favorite sport is diving? Then you should know this ancient tribe who make diving as their heartbeat. They are the Bajo People or Sama-Bajo tribe. They are also labeled as sea-gypsies or sea-nomads because they make the sea as their home. They live in a hut floating in the sea. Credit : Photo by […] More