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    TOP 10 Things You Should Not Do in Canada !!

    Hi Buzzers!! Do you know what you should not do while you are in Canada? Apparently Canada has weird rules on what you should not do there. But hey..knowing those rules is better than go to jail or pay a fine! So here’s top 10 things you shouldn’t do in Canada.. 1. Do Not Swear in a Public Park! Well swearing has became our daily […] More

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    Reasons on Why The Raccoon Climbs The UBS Building That You Need to Know!

    Today a raccoon steal a heart of people while it decided to Climb a skyscraper, UBS building in St. Paul in Minnesota. It really struggled to find out whether it should come down or just climbs more to the roof. Well, it decided to climbs up and then down the buildings but finally decided to go up. Luckily, the cute little fur got its way […] More