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    Explore Manarola, Italy

    Manarola is the smallest of the Cinque Terre towns and possibly the prettiest. It’s spotted with colorful houses, is surrounded by the Ligurian Sea, and everyone gets around by foot or bicycle btw no cars allowed. And to give you major honeymoon vibes. The main historic monument of importance in Manarola is the 14th century Church of Saint Lorenzo, with an ancient watchtower and the […] More

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    5 Most Romantic Beaches Around the World!

    Hi Buzzers! Ugh if you feel what I feel during this crazy heatwave! Well luckily not all things bad..what we have waited in Summer is Vacation and Beaches!! Here are the 5 most romantic beaches that should be in your bucket list!! 1. Eagle Beach in Aruba Eagle beach or Arend beach in Aruba is famous because its soft white sand and the skyline also […] More

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    8 Cheapest Hidden Gems For Your Summer Vacation in June to August

    1. Mentawai Islands Mentawai located in West Sumatra, Indonesia. It is famous for white sandy beaches and challenging wave. One of the famous waves is Hollow trees or HT’s in short or Lance Right. This wave is one of the finest and most consistent fasts, barreling right-handers in the world. So, for you who loves to surf but already feel bored with crowded touristy places […] More

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    The 5 Oldest & Greatest Bridge in the World

    Hi, Buzzers!! Do you know that there are oldest bridges in the world that are still in use today? Some even built in 3,000 years ago. Next time when you travel to these countries you could visit those bridges too. Happy reading! ūüôā 1. Arkadiko Bridge, Greece This bridge was built in Greek Bronze Age. The structure showed that the bridge was built for chariots […] More

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    5 Magical Underwater Ruins You Should Not Miss Out !!

    Hello Buzzers, have you ever wondered why there is a city underwater? The ancient civilization drowned because of many factors such as natural disaster and man-made. Even though emerged in the water, the ruins still has its own magic and stand firm in the water. As if they want to be found after a long pause in time,  just to tell their beautiful story to […] More

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    7 Ghost Towns Around The World You should Visit !!

    Hi, Buzzers!! Do you know that there is lots of uninhabited town in the world? It’s quite weird in the time people need homes but this town with a complete structure just being left like that. Many reasons why the town is being abandoned, it could be because of natural disaster, the war, pollution and also economic failure. So Buzzers, here are the 7 ghost […] More

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    5 Most Awesome Footpaths that Connect Countries

    1. Sultans Trail Sultan Trail was named after Suleyman Kanuni of the Ottoman Empire. He used the trail on his way to conquer Belgrade and most of Hungary and capture the city of Vienna, Austria in 1529. Because of that, the trails connect many countries from Turkey, Greece, East Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria. The Sultan took about 141 days to […] More

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    5 Backstory of Buildings Around the World

    1. Abbazia della Santissima Trinit√† In English known as Abbey of the Santissima Trinita located in Venosa, Italy. This is a complex of Roman Catholic Abbey which divided into two parts. First one is “the old church” which is a cemetery of Norman princes and leader who lived in 1010 and 1085. The second one is “the unfinished church” which probably built around the 12th […] More

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    5 TOP World Mountains that will activate Your "Wanderlust vi

    1. Kilimanjaro mountain Kilimanjaro mountain has three cones Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira which 750,000,000 years old.  This Mountain located in Tanzania, East Africa with 5,895 meters above sea level. The name “Kilimanjaro” itself has a meaning as “The roof of Africa”. Despite the richness of animals habitats such as Colobus monkeys and a white-necked raven that you could find here, the mountain also well known […] More

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    5 Great Civilization’s that Now Has Disappeared

    1. The Assyrian Assyrian empire’s territory spread from ¬†Cyprus east Mediterranean to Iran and from what is now Armenia and Azerbaijan to the Arab peninsula, Egypt, and Eastern Libya. The first king of this empire is Tudiya, who is a founder of the city-state of Assur and a semi-nomadic King known as¬†King who lived in the tents.¬†It’s two major cities are¬†Assur¬†and¬†Nineveh. During its time, the […] More