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    TOP 7 Most Stunning Bridges in Asia

    Hi Buzzers!! Asia has beautiful architectures including the bridges!! The new bridge in Da Nang Vietnam has Wowed the visitors..but there is more in Asia and here’s the Top 7 Stunning bridges! 1. Cau Vang (Golden Bridge) in Da Nang, Vietnam The bridge is stunning since it was built 1,400 above sea levels in the […] More

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    TOP 5 Funniest Zoo with Their Fake Animals!

    Hi Buzzers!! I think most of us have visited a zoo. We still remember the roar of the Lion, cute monkeys that jumping here and there, or tallest giraffe in the zoo! But, Buzzers what happen if you go to the zoo and see a fake version of the animals? Can you say it’s not […] More

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    5 Weirdest Inventions You Should Have Now!

    Hi Buzzers! What is the weirdest invention you have seen in your life? At first, probably we will raise our eyebrow and laugh about it but later maybe we start to enjoy it. So, Buzzers here is the weirdest invention you might want to have or do in your life! 1.  Grass Flip Flops Do […] More

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    5 Fabulous Festivals You Need to Visit in August!

    Hi Buzzers! Have you made your bucket list for holidaying in August? As an adventurous traveler we should explore the world until its corner and engage in their culture to grasp the wisdom in our journey! So, If you haven’t put anything in your bucket list or only full of names of the beach…maybe these […] More

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    5 Top Countries to See The Magnificent Paddy Field Art!

    1. Japan The rice paddy art or in Japan called as Tanbo Art, is located in Inakadate village in Aomori Prefecture. The gigantic 3 D pictures is drawn in a rice field with a mix of different plants to give colors. The inspiration of the drawing is unlimited but the Japanese love something taken from […] More

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    7 Most "Terrifying" Mascots Around the World

    1. Glasgow club Partick Thistle’s new mascot Kingsley, England. 2. New Orleans Pelican King Cake Baby, America. 3. Splash #SaveWater mascot, South Africa. 4. Ojinyan, Japan 5. Gajiro, Japan 6. Masha & The Bear?, Russia 7. Yosi Kadiri, Phillipines More

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    Popular Global Cuisine, Dishes from Around The World-Part 2

    1. Khai Yat Sai , Thailand Khai yat sai is a Thailand popular street food. The most important part of the Khai yat sai is the middle section should inflate. Filling in the form of pork, onions, cilantro, fish sauce and various other ingredients. 2. Tarte Tatin, French One of the stories that are famous […] More

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    10 Most Unique Things You Will Find Only in Japan

    Hi Buzzers!! Everybody already know that Japan is clean even the Koi fish live in a drainage. Japanese is also very discipline and organize…but they still have more than that, They have uniqueness that you can see and taste it with your own sense just like below! Happy reading, Buzzers!! 1. The best offering in […] More

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    5 Magical Underwater Ruins You Should Not Miss Out !!

    Hello Buzzers, have you ever wondered why there is a city underwater? The ancient civilization drowned because of many factors such as natural disaster and man-made. Even though emerged in the water, the ruins still has its own magic and stand firm in the water. As if they want to be found after a long […] More

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    Mount Fuji : 15 Facts You Might Not Know !

    1. Mount. Fuji is an active volcano and Japan’s Highest Mountain. The volcano recently erupted in 1707. 2. The lava on Mt. Fuji acts an a natural filter for snow and rain falling on the mountain side which produce Fuji Mineral water. 3. Mount Fuji is considered as one of 3 sacred mountains because of […] More

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    5 Weirdest Cafe and Restaurant in the World

    1. Cereal Killer Cafe, London If you are Cereal Killer Nerd then this cafe is a perfect place for you to “Kill” around 100 of cereal flavors. To make it more intriguing they also have 30 different varieties of milk and 20 types of toppings. Hmm, Yummy… 2. Alcatraz E.R. Prison Cafe, Japan Nothing can […] More

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    5 Most Modern Library in East Asia

    1. Starfield library, South Korea Starfield COEX’s Mall is located at a mall in  Seoul, South Korea. Well, that’s kinda unusual since we usually have a library that calm, quiet and have that “old” atmosphere. But, here with an open space and access, this library is far away from “old” trademark yet it shows modernity […] More

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