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    TOP 20 Hilarious yet Bizarre Naughty Santa?!


    It’s December, Buzzzers! It means in a few weeks Santa is coming to town!! Hmm…have you been naughty or nice? Well don’t worry if you are not so nice because we have curated Santa’s wtf bizarre moments! Apparently Santa also gets naughty a little bit and it’s hilarious !!! 1. Santa where is Rudolf? 2. When the world’s economy make Santa broke so he start […] More

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    7 World Heritage Site that Might Be Will Disappear in the Future

    1. Historic Centre of Vienna, Austria Vienna has witnessed of early Celtic and Roman settlements into the medieval and baroque city. Later became the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This is a city full of baroque architectures such as Baroque castles and gardens also 19th century Ringstrasse. The city with its historical values is threatened because of the city development. The height of the new […] More