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    7 Fancy Shopping Places in Uruguay to Find Souvenirs!

    1. Mercados De Los Artesanos This market has various options of things, from handcrafted goods to wine glasses. The market’s handcrafted goods are from local Uruguayan artists that is unique because each has different styles. 2. La pasionaria, universe creativo If you don’t have much time to decide whether you should go shopping or fulfill […] More

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    5 Wondrous Places You Need to Visit in Iran!

    Hi Buzzers! Have you visited Iran? Well, unlike our imagination about how middle east should look like with its desert and dry climate, Iran proved to be enjoyable! Just like any other country, this country has hidden gems you should not missed out and places which will make you go Wow!! Here is the Top […] More

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    5 Luckiest People who Found a Diamond

    1. Erasmus Stephanus Jacob. He found the diamond in Northern Cape in March 1867. He was 15 years old and was playing skipplies (throwing stones). The shiny thing which he thought to be a stone is actually a diamond. It then named Eureka diamond which also believed the first diamond discovery in South Africa. The […] More

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    TOP 10 Cats Who Dress Better than You

    1. This cat who is ready to go to her social club…Mamma Mia Credit : Instagram @hummusthecat 2. This cat who looks like a K-POP star Credit : Instagram @zappa_the_cat 3. This white cat who never take for the less.. Credit : Instagram 4. Cocktail party at 8 am ? Why Not ?? Credit […] More

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    Gold : An Everlasting Temptation for Mankind

    Gold is a precious metal from the ancient history. It’s a symbol of power, wealthyness, status and prestige even until now. In ancient  Egypt the map of gold mine was existed since 19th Dynasty or around 1200 – 1300 BC. The gold has been plentiful in Egypt according to Egyptian hieroglyphs in 2600 BC which […] More