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    These TOP 20 Funny T-Shirt Fails Will Make You Laugh!


    Buzzers, we love wearing T-shirt! It’s comfy and casual suitable for everyday wear but these people take their T-shirt into a whole new level! They try to make a point with their T-shirt design and it’s absurd yet funny! So Buzzers, Do you have T-shirt like these below?  #1. After single for a long time this could be your last effort to get a girl… […] More

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    TOP 10 Funny Gifs Only IT Guys Can Relate!

    Buzzers, We know that technology has become a main part of our life yet not many people understand it. That is why we see IT guys as a Gandalf or Dumbledore lol. We always seek for them in a time of needs or more precisely in a “dark age era of technology” in our life. This makes them should do double work such as coding […] More