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    Kawaii Japanese: TOP 10 Facts of Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels Will Melt Your Heart!!

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    Buzzers, Japanese is a land of kawaii and also the animals in it!! Japan also give these kawaii animals a beautiful homes even islands!! As in bunny rabbit island and cat’s island, where more bunnies and cats than the people who live there. Sounds like a heaven? Well then don’t miss out this famous Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels….the appearance of this squirrel exactly like come […] More

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    Sengai Gibon: An Interconnection between Simplicity and Zen

    Sengai Gibon was a Japanese monk from Edo period in 1750 until 1837. He became a head abbot of Shofuku-Ji at Hakata, North Kyushu. He was famous at that time for his Sumi-e painting; a painting that uses black ink and a brush which only high educational men can do. He also well known for his simple life such as being compassionate, wearing black monk’s […] More